Cozy Team Games

Play XXL old Dutch games with the whole team? Add one of the packages below to your package to make the company outing, team drinks, anniversary, company reception or summer drinks even more fun at Knus.

ice sculpt Knus

New at Knus: Making ice sculptures

Put on your warmest coat, put on your hat and let your creative spirit run wild as you create icy works of art with your own hands during the cozy workshop "Making Ice Sculptures." In cooperation with Flitz Events, we offer an opportunity for 20 or more people to discover how to transform an ice block into an enchanting work of art by experienced ice artists. Whether you are a seasoned artist or have never touched a chisel before, this workshop is for everyone who wants to discover their creative ice side. Under expert guidance, you will learn how to join layers of ice together, create textures and add fine details to bring your sculpture to life.

This workshop can be booked for 20 people or more in combination with a package deal. Inquire here about the possibilities.

Canoeing on land

Old Dutch team sport where the goal is
to make a heavy ball travel a route in as few throws as possible
. You may only throw
underhand and the ball must stay on the
straight path (don't we all). Cozy provides
the balls, a side ball, anti-nuclear rake and
the route. We may stop by
with bitterballs along the way....

Only bookable in combination with one of our packages, inquire about the possibilities.

Activity Delft Barefoot Shooting
Activity on the water

Ditching on water

Looking for a unique activity? Knus offers it! On a pedal boat, while throwing skippyballs, complete a course in as few throws as possible. Cheating is allowed and hindering each other is encouraged. Are your sea legs
perfect for giving the skippy ball a huge swish or do you have the perfect hand-eye coordination to get the ball ready to throw quickly? Challenge your colleagues to a unique
experience on the water!

Only bookable in combination with 1 of our packages, inquire about the possibilities.

XXL Dutch terrace games

Jenga, Mikado, Domino who did not grow up with them ... But then XXL, think Jenga of 2.5 meters high, meters long dominoes and ring throwing at Olympic level. Knus provides the manual and score sheet (no game guidance). Our XXL team games are also ideal to play while having drinks on our waterfront terrace.

Only bookable in combination with 1 of our packages, inquire about the possibilities.

activities Delft Jenga
Game Mikado

Mikado XXL

Teambuilding Delft

Jenga XXL

Activity Delft

Ladder wave

Team outing Delft

Bean Bag

Sjoelen Delft

Beer Pulp Shuffle

Dancing Delft


Team Games

Domino XXL

Outdoor games Delft

Ring toss